Recently someone disgusted this movie even before its release while paying no consideration to director or the concept behind this movie, saying that the these days the influence of this actor is ruining his movies. He also said that this actor has made a big fan-following which is always behind success of his movies. For me, only one point out of this all made sense that this actor has actually gotten a good fan-following otherwise which other actor would see his movie shows going house full for consecutive 5 days of its release and that too in some of the most expensive multiplexes of this country (I found this while trying to get a ticket booked for a friend and couldn’t find any available seat for next couple of days in a multiplex showing this movie in 3D).


I got chance to watch this movie with Sam and Ra.One went quite much with our expectation of being a movie made purely for children. We didn’t find much to enjoy in this movie but still we could see the house full of families with children. The movie team has tried too hard to make something fictional which turned it into more of a confusion than an entertainment where you can see mix of romance, emotions and science-fiction although the movie as a whole can’t be ignored when it has been first of its kind of experience in Hindi cinema where no one ever witnessed such a high-budget movie on still-quite-new concept in Bollywood (Sci-Fi).


Many (though word “most” seems more appropriate) ideas in this movie are inspired (or you can say borrowed or copied) from some of the best Hollywood Sci-Fi flicks like Avatar (delusion of reality and fiction), Terminator (parts), Matrix (action sequences), Iron Man (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter – HART), Robot (core concept) and Astro boy. I had already expected it because I have liked some of the experiments by director Anubhav Sinha in his past movies and know that he tries to apply his creativity on existing ideas to bring out something new.


Rating: 5/10

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