Real Steel and The Three Musketeers

Real Steel  is good entertainment. Having liking towards Sci-Fi movies, I liked this movie about near future where robots replace humans in fighting rings and their owners make money through bids. This movie shows the strength of combination of human courage, bonding and the machine power.


It was a fine Sunday evening with Sam for nth consecutive time at DT City Center which seemingly has become our favorite multiplex in last couple of months.

Movie starts with Hugh Jackman losing money on robots and then meeting his son who has lost his mother. This boy refurbishes an old-gen robot to make his way to league/mainstream fights and makes his father believe in the power of belief. Both of these actors makes audience fixed to their seats till the end of movie and make you more excited as the end approaches.


It is a good movie with wonderful graphics and sound-effects which can be njoyed in a good surrounding like a multiplex.


Rating: 6/10



The Three Musketeers is about three musketeers Athos, Pathos and Armis in France who try to save their country but fail first time, give up the hopes and start doing daily-wage jobs. Then they happen to meet young fighter D’Artagan who is full of passion. The revamped avatars of these fighters get ready to face new and difficult challenges in order to deface the double agent who is much talented than any single of them. Dialogues like “Never trust anyone, specially women” and the one by Athos about being old fags during first meeting with D’Artagan keep tickling you throughout the movie.

It was good experience to watch this movie in 3D at DT CC with Sam.


Rating: 6/10

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