Friends with Benefits

friends-with-benefits-350It was a wonderful experience to meet Sam again and watch Friends with Benefits at DT City Centre. As I had expected, it was having same plot as that of No Strings Attached but shown in much better way which included screenplay, dialogues, cast and crew (interesting comparison). Movie starts with the lead stars going through break-ups and then deciding not to get into any relation again but when they meet each other, they just can’t resist, decide to just play tennis and not to get into each other’s emotional space. This formula proceeds well until they introduce each other to their people and things start getting complicated because their people make them realize that they are made for each other – isn’t that too much? And then starts predictable later half of movie where they pretend not to like each other and then try to make up for different reasons.


One thing which makes you keep going with movie even when leads start boring you is its dialogs  screenplay and supporting cast. Dialogues specially the one-liners, the NY sense of living, breaking rules to live freely and the job insights keep you buckled up. If you are in India, the NY appearance and lifestyle make you feel as if it is not much different than here, or perhaps it is presented like that. Also the supporting cast and vaguely funny but slapstick comedy reminds you of some typical Bollywood movies. The psychology of lead actors is shown very beautifully and you feel attached with one of them – either "emotionally unavailable" or "emotionally damaged".

Recommended for one time watch.


Rating: 7/10

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