No One Killed Jassica

No One Killed Jassica is a movie based on true incident of murder of a model by a son-of-minister in a party at Delhi. A court case  which was closed in lieu of insufficient witnesses and all the convicts were declared innocent.

Later it was taken up by a particular news channel, a newspaper and selected media personnel, in order to reveal the truth. The facts were brought in open and the background behind how the eye-witnesses were made to refute their statements was revealed. It remained quite hot news topic for many months until case was re-opened and a denied justice was given to the victim family.


No One Killed Jassica


An eye opener story about modern, developed & independent India and about how people in power misuse their powers to their benefits.

Though the movie is kept very lousy and abusive at places and it might tickle you to hear same adjectives repeatedly plus funny references like “sons of b*****s” etc., still both the lead actresses’ make their mark.


Rating: 7/10

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