Band Baaja Baraat

Last movie of this year in PVR. Just managed to catch up with the start of the movie with Deepak at DT Cinemas though it was a song showing streets of Delhi and the Dilli-walas. Dilli has always been one of the best cities I lived in and movies centered around it always attract my attention.


Movie starts with a Delhi girl having big dreams in her eyes which are shown daylight with the efforts of a young fun-loving guy who is focused on only one thing – career. The business grows very well but it also brings differences between them which is quite usual in any business. Later they try their separate stints but only to realize their worthlessness in absence of each other.




The direction, dialogues and pace of movie keeps you glued to  your seats for most of the times. The only part where I felt bored was when lead actors try their separate businesses and do lot of over-acting to look stupid and rash contrary to my belief that once a nice and njoyful person the way they are shown in first half, cannot become really bad or rude, no matter how hard conditions become. Movie ends on positive note but leaves you expecting lot of things which should had been covered in between. Also felt that Anushka was lacking her natural charm in this movie and unnecessary kissing scenes were included to stretch the movie.


Overall a good movie to end this year with!


Rating: 7/10

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