Where Indian IT industry is headed to

Having invested more than half a decade in Indian IT industry, I have seen a big turn-around in the way this industry used to work to what it has come to.


There was a time when employment stability was not a cause of worry for IT professionals and all they were supposed to be concerned about was their work and duties. Even pay-cheque wasn’t as big issue – be it offshore development center of a big US MNC or an Indian service firm. The time when there were open discussion forums inside companies for their employees to communicate their views openly. Facilities and perks were usual for exceptional performances. Ideas were respected. Policies were open and employee friendly. HR managers knew every individual personally. Higher management welcomed employees to reach them for any cause.


There has been transition from a respectful time to a pitiful time. Now more stringent and diligently painful processes on the name of rapid software development, quality control etc. have been introduced. Hire and Fire policies has become integrated part of industry which was earlier followed by US MNCs only. Pay-cuts are introduced on the name of fake recession. Silent lay-offs on the grounds of performance are made every year and not many people come to know about them. Promotions are made on the basis of experience and not performance or intelligence (ah…that hurts). HRs avoid employee interaction specially when they know the kind of ill policies they have been imposing.


Times have certainly changed and it is not unusual for Indian IT professionals to join different fields other than IT if there are better growth prospects.




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