ITM College to ITM University

The new sign board of ITM University on right side of main Palam Vihar road took my attention few days back. ITM College has turned into ITM University this year (deemed university as far as I can guess, provided I know the background a little bit). I have been crossing ITM college for more than 4 years during my to and fro communication between home and office. I have been noticing the different weathers and transformations coming and leaving this institute. The beautiful gathering of students around the gate always keeps it a lively place to smile at. Also I have seen the student strikes for fees hikes and accidental increase in paid seats, the placement sessions with long queues coming out of gate and going quite far back, the lunch breaks and lot of eating joints popping up in form of carts and bicycles…The only time of the year when I really don’t like passing in front of it is when it is completely silent, the exam/result days in months of April-May-June. This year again, this silence had been prevailing till last week and now again, I am noticing some movement. Till last year, ITM hadn’t its own transport system and students had to organize their private conveyances but this year I have seen one bus of ITM always standing in front of institute when I pass in morning.

The ravishing and energetic youth has always been bringing smile over my face throughout these years of monotonous work life. I am hoping to see more crowd, happenings in this year and welcoming first batch of this ITM University 🙂

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