New Orkut

Google is pushing more and more invitations for people to switch to new Orkut interface which can be called as new version as it is very different than the original version.

Here is how new version looks like where you keep getting new invitations to be spread to your friends and also there is a link at top right for switching back to old version –


new Orkut


New Orkut is more like integration of different applications on one page (if that has reminded you of iGoogle or more closely of Facebook, that is no surprise) but then it has not left anything customizable. You can’t even add your favorite music or activities on your basic profile without adding an app or page. It has removed all the user details except About me section. In new interface, you need to add apps and pages for every single detail to be added which will later be integrated into your profile. Here is what your profile looks like when you first time switch to new Orkut –


new Orkut profile


Of course you feel as if all details added by you in original interface of Orkut are lost! And it is quite true as well except that those old details are preserved in deep hidden link named Additional profile info inside last top drop-down named more –


new Orkut 2


New Orkut is more of AJAX than plain HTML. It appears as if HTML is reserved only for the different pages (like Profile, Scrapbook etc.) and that is sometimes frustrating enough to dislike excess of AJAX which of course takes time to load in different parts of page wherever so many apps (of course AJAX again) are already integrated. In this case the beauty of AJAX is overshadowed by the wait for it to load in different parts when a specific user activity takes place than the main purpose served by it for making the user interface simpler and easier.


I wonder if very soon they will drop term new Orkut and calling original Orkut as Old Orkut. Though it doesn’t sound much different but it can make quite a lot of difference specially when in today’s web-world, no one would like to stick with a website tagged as Old.


As of now, new Orkut interface needs lot of improvements.

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  1. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz send me new orkut request,i’m dyin’ to try it and plz also tell me ho 2 add sum1 in my mutual frnd lst coz this field of mutual frnd does no appear in my orkut space

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