The Grass and Wimbledon

Note: Another old post dated July 6, 2009 in this year’s history.


This year’s Wimbledon isn’t going to fade out of my memory for many reasons but one – it saw a legendry record-maker witnessing his record being broken by another legend while one being content all the way and other struggling throughout the game.


Roger Federer broke record of 14 Grand Slam wins held by Pete Sampras.


Personally I never happened to like Roger Federer because I had seen the best in game for quite long time – Pete Sampras. But yesterday Federer looked much at par with Pete not just the way he played but also the way he behaved. Young Sampras just flashed through my eyes while seeing the Wimbledon final, Federer struggling to defeat Andy Roddick who was equally good. So just supporting Federer and not liking Roddick might had made you look stupid in this game.


Still my favorite Lawn-Tennis player remains Pete Sampras and Federer might keep reminding me of him for quite long time from now.

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