Wake Up Sid

Most recent movie watched at PVR. As usual first day last show.

It is about a boy learning to be self-dependent in after-college life. A boy who never cared about classes, exams, responsibilities is made to become disciplined and independent in hard-way. He is taught by his parents and his friends. First half of movie is all about the young college-going boy and second half is about him learning to be professional while revealing beauty of his city Bombay to the most recent and closest friend.


 wake up sid


Movie is little slow and dangling from the subject in between and that may disturb audience up to some extent. Best role turns out to be the role played by Supriya Pathak mother of Sid/Siddy/Siddharth.

Was good experience overall to watch this movie after such long interval and in a nice company.


PS: I know Karan Johar apologized for referring Mumbai as Bombay in this movie but personally I think that it is up to the people to refer to the city by its old name or new name…after all it is a free country.

As Sunshine thinks of Ranbir Kapoor just next to Emraan Hashmi, so do I after this flick – would try to avoid this actor.


Rating: 4/10

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