Right, Duty and Actions

As per my belief, best ever guideline following which one can spend whole life is –


Karmanay vadhiakaraste ma faleshu kadachana

Ma karamfal heturbhu ma te sangostvakarmani


Very disappointingly people on the land where this great scripture was written, do not follow it and are turning dumber day by day.


Recalling Swami Vivekananda today once again


Awake, arise and stop not till the goal is reached.


And for myself –


Every dream deserves a truthful effort


Even if you fail,

Use the sand of grief to make the pearls of wisdom

…and keep them



Just a note to myself for remembering:

Few worst people I encountered in my professional life who tried to deflect me from my goal – 1VSha, 2RChau, 2SouM, 3AniKh, 4JBha, 4SouM, 4RSB and 4ShaAli.


And couple of stars/demigods I came across recently – 4SnNM, 4AmiM and 4AnM.


Will write more about all these fiends and demigods in this space in future.


One thought on “Right, Duty and Actions”

  1. No matter what they tell us
    No matter what they do
    No matter what they teach us
    What we believe is true

    No matter what they call us
    However they attack
    No matter where they take us
    We’ll find our own way back

    I can’t deny what I believe
    I can’t be what I’m not

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