Pay It Forward

Today was last day of this weekend and it hadn’t been happier to me. Was great outing in reaching out to friends, eating fast food – my favorite, throughout the day.

What can be better than to be at Connaught Place (yeah another favorite) till 11!!


It has been very hectic lifestyle for last couple of weeks making things possible which never looked that promising, taking additional step forward for mates and doing whatever can be done for them. Of course, whatever you do to your subordinates, it is never enough but you get a feeling of satisfaction at end of the day. In that way, you have to sacrifice on lot of things and you may turn into a workaholic – all acceptable if you are able to maintain the relationships, the human values.

Wanted to thank all subordinates, colleagues and friends for helping me in that.


Then it is always a time to Pay It Forward which I never try miss. It was this anonymous guy once again at mid-night and I knew that there can be no one other than me at that ungodly hour to help him in his situation. I did it, though by stretching an extra mile, but it motivated him to Pay it Forward in same way.




I know Sunshine is reading it as well. Here is another – “do one good thing to someone unknown everyday” kinda stuff.

Hope it brought smile on your face as it did to me.


BTW, he was a Pizza Delivery guy and returned the favor as well by giving a wonderful tip on Pizzas and a special internal scheme going on in this leading Pizza chain.

One thought on “Pay It Forward”

  1. It sure got a smile ..What more can restore your faith in Humanity and that we are still willing to take time out for a stranger and not think of the time ..

    What goes around comes around…

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