Things to consider before asking Question about someone’s Girl Friend

Solely my views when I think that this topic deserves a healthy discussion and absolute involvement of the seeker and responder. Here are few points after details about this subject were discussed and detailed with two mates over this weekend –


  • First and foremost – When you talk about this subject or ask this question, make sure that you and other person have at least 15 minutes so that both can make a common understanding on it.
  • Be happy with what you get to know than getting disappointed for not knowing the rest about the same.
  • The response also depends on openness of your relation – so better first make your relation as friendly or as trustworthy as you can with the other person before this question is asked. In other words, ask this question only after you are intimate friend and have developed that good relation otherwise better first bring that much frankness in your relation.
  • Believe in whatever is told by other person and try not to forget about it in future.
  • Share your experiences and feelings on same subject as well.
  • Remain updated after that.

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