The 21 days

Last 21 days were spent in achieving what my last post said –


Winning doesn’t always means being first,

winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.


Though I proved myself better than before, once again but also realized that in this race you sacrifice everything else. I myself had given up this zeal long time back, in fact many years back because once you realize that you are the best, better than anyone else, you don’t want to prove it again.


And then moments like these come up where you have to fight for others. You have to do it for others who are looking up to you, to make them prove themselves, to bring them in a position to have same feeling of satisfaction which you have been having for long time. Happy to see my efforts being fruitful.

And in all this, you realize once again, those old bad devilish management layers which are ready to sacrifice you, your people for any meek benefit – the layers which make you hate them!

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