I Like

  • I Like walking in rain
  • I Like smiling for no reason
  • I Like to dance as if no one is watching
  • I Like tickling the keyboard for anything – be it for writing stories/posts or programming
  • I Like launching and finishing it really BIG
  • I Like making other smile
  • I Like to have light discussions involving humor
  • I Like watching movies
  • I Like going around all on my own
  • I Like standing still while observing at people passing in front of me
  • I Like long night-walks without looking at watch
  • I Like to crack jokes
  • I Like to be informal with anyone
  • I Like greenery
  • I Like walking beside my father
  • I Like singing only to myself
  • I Like walking / driving during sunrise
  • I Like exploring internet for as long as I can
  • I Like drowning into music
  • I Like sparkle of mah bracelet


PS: This post is inspired from I want to from Hema

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