Oracle CURSOR data type handling in Java

Last week a colleague posed me a question about database access from Java and handling of output. Question went something like this –

we have to call an Oracle procedure from our Java code and handle the output of that procedure which is a CURSOR back in Java.

Here is the example which I shared –


   1:  CallableStatement callableStatement = connection.prepareCall("CALL MYPROC(?,?,?)");
   2:  callableStatement.setString(1,var1);
   3:  callableStatement.setString(2,var2);
   4:  callableStatement.registerOutParameter(3,OracleTypes.CURSOR);
   5:  callableStatement.execute();
   6:  resultSet = (ResultSet) callableStatement.getObject(3);
   9:  while({
  10:  var3 = resultSet.getString("abc");
  11:  var4 = resultSet.getString("xyz");
  12:  }


Might be helpful for someone else looking out for the same.

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