Best Days of My Life

This is the TV serial in which Joe Tribbiani works in FRIENDS – my favorite TV Show since I started watching TV.


Best Days of My Life has always been an illusion or perhaps dilemma or may be I would call it infatuation because title is considered by me as an actual phase of life which you might want to live and that has always been driving me towards better part of my life with every step I take. Yesterday was another time when I felt that in fact it is my drive to get into that phase which keeps bringing plethora of sappiness despite the environment which surrounds you.

You are liked and you meet many good people because you are headed towards something really better, something which isn’t favorable only for you but for everyone around you. One thing that I like about myself is that I may be biggest forgetter in world but I never happen to forget good people I have met ever in my life.


Even after going through so many good times, getting into many new wonderful relations that you make on the basis of environment around you, still you never get into that stage called Best Days of My Life because life or its parameters keep changing and you keep trying to change your perception of that stage accordingly. But in your strive, btw, many get benefitted and that’s what makes you feel to call those days as Best Days of My Life.


So here goes my three cheers to that struggle!!

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