Thank You, Leads

Apparently I am going through busiest schedule of my life and it is being said so because even after starting a new category named testimonials, I haven’t been able to write even a single of them. Surely, there is a big list already stored in my mind for testimonials which I wanted to start with the best professional mentors who enlightened my path in industry I am serving in. To start with, at least the names of those best fellas can be put down here. There have been at least two dozen of leads and dozen of managers with whom I have worked so far in IT industry before reaching at a stage to mentor others in same industry.

I consider these fellows as the best human beings serving in Indian IT industry coping with the rest of demons around. Here go the names of mentors (in no specific order and the ones before my present firm) whom I respect from heart for helping me to grow to this level where I can thank them as openly as it can be.



Nitin Vig (Apara)

Sachin Bansal (Apara)

Ganesh Bhat (Infy)

Jaideep Vijay Dhok (Infy)

Siddharth Kaushik (CashEdge)



Phaneesh Radhakrishna (Infy)

Sumit Mehra (CashEdge)

Ashish Mehta (Seasia/Saber)


Wow, I hadn’t thought of being able to complete this list ever but looks like, it is discretely concrete. Hopefully you will be reading more about these best among unheard Indian leader in testimonials section and links will be updated to those testimonials here on this page.

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