Dilli 6 and Billu

Dilli 6 is my second movie in PVR in this year when I have made resolution to spend money very wisely on the movies at multiplexes. I am happy that I am keeping my resolution very well so far. We were thrilled and once again, Rakeysh Mehra was successful in doing that after three years. It was three years back when he had made Rang De Basanti which Me and Pavan had seen together to get frozen at our seats. And after three years, we all were back together – me, Pavan, Rakeysh Mehra and Spice PVR to feel the very similar sensation. This movie can happen to be very hard as well as heavy on you because you see real India, and if not you, the real picture of many other fellow Indians around you. Director has shown your image in the mirror – like it or not!


Dilli 6 is Old Delli in modern times: the people and their emotions it encompasses, the fun it has, the threats it faces and the brave-hearts who make it come through those hard times. Old Delhi is very small in size and its major chunk is contained in Chandni Chowk (pin code – 110006). Everything related to it is covered in movie including Red Fort, food, old buildings, Metro but not Qutub Minar. Surely, Delhi government and police is shown as one of the stupidest operating structure in place at capital which makes lives of residents miserable. You enjoy, realize and hate the reality as it passes in front of your eyes.


Rakeysh Mehra takes lot of time to build plot of his movies and usually it takes him more than 90 minutes. Therefore by interval, you are still confused about the narration but in last 30 minutes, when all those scattered pieces are woven so smoothly, you realize the real potential of director, cast and the story. Songs are always the best of their breed totally suiting the plot in his films.


A movie worth watching over as big screen as it can be provided you are ready to hear hardcore racial remarks and typical Indian taunts. As told earlier, it is yourself and many of your countrymen shown in mirror, in your own language movie by your own Indian director. Plus you may get urge to improve the system after watching this movie.


Rating: 8/10


Billu is just a time waste of 130 minutes because only last 20 minutes makes you get glimpse of good acting and emotions. I had already expected this from a movie made by Priyadarshan and therefore watched it in really leisure time at home. Nothing worthy to watch out in this first big flop of this year.


Rating: 2/10

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