Sapient layoff in hundreds

Came to know about firing at Sapient from a friend. And when it is in hundreds, it means there is something going wrong somewhere. Haven’t heard of such big layoff in recent months, at least in NCR/Delhi area. IT never was projected as affected that badly here in India and it wouldn’t be provided such impression isn’t created.


Feeling sympathetic for all those guys there at Sapient because this firm hires good brains offering them good compensations. To leave those brains wasted like this is really a matter of concern. Also it had fired its employees in similar numbers last year during same time. Perhaps this procedure every year at specified time can be part of its corporate strategy.


Heard that cabs were arranged and employees were straightway directed to vehicles as soon as they arrived at reception without allowing them to reach their seats. Also an email was circulated by firm’s CEO in same regard.


Disclaimer: All the details are based on discussions and nothing is verified personally.

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Layoff in Sapient India

Sapient Layoffs 8% staff in India on Feb 12, 2009

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  1. It is true. Morning the employees received the mail from CEO saying a lay off planned with in next 24 hrs. Within 1/2 hr the mail was reached, they started with the lay offs. They just call those people for a discussion through mails.Once they go the meeting, they were taken outside the office and put into the cabs. It was office boys who were given the proper instructions how to deal about it used to come to the desk of those people and take out their belongings. Those have been laid off werent allowed to come inside.
    The way sapient fires, its the most cruelest way . people deserve some consideration after all those people served this company to make their profit at one point of time.

    Ironically on sapient bus they advertisement of the company is ‘human side’ of business
    When I joined in sapient 2 1/2 years back, I was competent enough to try in any other company. But now I have been made to a techie who can live only in sapient :(.All the confidence and your knowledge has been taken away. Till recent times it was a common thing in sapient that they hire for one technology and put into some other technology. For example a .Net guy with 3 years gets hired and put into Java project.

    There is a bunch of idiots sitting in the leadership and HR( they never call them as HR its called as ‘people success’ in which way i still didnt understand)

  2. This is the most unforgiving way of sending off people. When they were there, they were made to slog day and night and this is what the company chooses when they don’t want the employees. Totally unacceptable.
    What happened to all the core values that Sapient used to talk about in each n every meeting. Those fancy words that were just nice writings on the wall and were there to just preach and not practice, especially for the leadership team.

    Something is terribly wrong at the top management. I think the senior management layer is filled with a bunch of jokers who don’t know how to run the company or how to tide over the recession. Only during such situations, the management skills of a person, comes to forefront. Just sacking employees in hundreds may not the best way.

    I think Sapient is now a bubble that will burst any time soon..

  3. We all know tht this is something not acceptable atleast at this time.. when this company is laying off but also at the same time giving promotions to ppl in the company .. I am not able to understand why they are doing such idiotic thing… if they are laying off because of cost cutting why the hell they are giving promotions to ppl and hike in the salary…
    these are really stupid fellows…same has happened last time also.. I can say that coz I was there to see everything…. and the most crucial part is the way they behave with ppl at that time.. at their most difficult time..

  4. Hi folks
    I agree with the things written here. I have been part of Sapient for a very long time and I will give you my example to illustrate.
    I was hired for one technology and was asked to work on different technology in name of flexibility. And once I was successful in my first project I was asked to work on some other technology in my second project. So, by then end of time if I have worked on five project I have exposure to at least five differnt technologies/products. Now, they have been telling me they need technology experts and have fired me.
    And they are hiring new people as technology experts from different companies.

    That is the long term vision and ideas Leadership here has. Every other quarter they change focus areas. By that logic every body will be fired if he does not leaves Sapient before he has run out of his expertise.

    And that is what company has been doing.

    Wish you good luck. Be very cautious before you are in trap.


  5. This company really sucks… I was hired as a fresher from college and went for this despite having 2 more offers… was trained in java but projects were given in .net… was on beach (so called bench otherplaces) since 1.5 months.. and finally laid off…

  6. Hi I need to join sapeint in next week. They are giing me good package, should I join it or not?I am presently working with HCL.

  7. Sapient has fired nearly 20 people from its Gurgaon CG office in May-June 2011 due to high overrunning costs………..year 2009 is back at sapient.

  8. Hi,

    I have got offer from sapient and they are giving good package. But after reading these reviews i am really confused whether to join sapient or not. I have to relocate to Delhi NCR region, (currently working in bangalore) and sapient is the only option for me in gurgaon. Please tell about the firing process there…whether it happened only during recession time or its a normal practice there?? Please help.

  9. Sapient India is firing/doing layoff again. I was fired this month and few others on bench are getting fired. Although this time it is not on mass scale. They have big bench and firing them one by one.

  10. The situation in Sapient is grim again. Not only people on bench, but even the employees working on projects are being called for meetings with HR department and asked to write their resignation letters.
    It may appear that it is not on mass scale as it is not done on a single day. But the reality is that firing is happening on large scale with people getting laid off every day.
    The problem with Sapient is that it hires incessantly and then for lack of projects, put people on bench. Since it is not a big company like TCS, Infosys (though, while hiring it acts the same), the projects running are very limited.

  11. Asking to write a resignation letters is a labor law breach by IT companies. By this way sapient chits employees not paid the layoff compensation.
    Simply pays only notice period, this is some thing making fool to employee.

    In case of layoff sapient suppose to pay for (section 2(kkk) of the ID Act)
    1. Notice period
    2. Equal months salary employee served to the company in years (for 6years service layoff comp 6 months salary).
    3. 4% of basic for all the months employee served to the company.

    I was hired as a expert and served for more then 5 years, first four years i was excellent performer and this years due to lack of opportunity i was declared under performer and given low rank and score and finally layoff.
    Sapient layoff on and average 5% every years. And do not gives right compensation.
    It may appear that it is not on mass scale as it is not done on a single day. But the reality is that firing is happening on large scale with people getting laid off every day.

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