Dev.D – The Generation

There was lot of noise and disapproval when Times Of India gave five star rating (maximum) to this movie but for once in rare times, I agreed with this rating.

In fact I myself didn’t like the portray of today’s youth shown in this movie but that is the bitter reality. This movie shows the worst picture of Indian youth in present times. The young people who want to take life carelessly and treat it as it comes without paying any thought. There is nothing wrong in showing this reality specially when it is made in such a masterpiece way. Kudos to the director of the movie.


This movie represents today’s viked, weirred, koward, weeeeak and konfuzed Bhartiya Genhrashion.

It is clueless and pointless about their aims and goals. The generation which wants to enjoy this moment with all what is in its hand.


So why did I support top rating for this movie if it shows such disappointing picture? It is because it is represented in really appealing way to make you understand where today’s Indian dudes and dudettes stand. I support the rating given to it because I strongly feel that no other movie can be made in such a beautiful way to exhibit wickedest drawing of Indian gen-X. I support top rating because it shows the real Devdas, the one depicted by its writer – a rich natural spoiled punk and not the hero shown by other movies. The one who looses all the hopes.


Of course this movie has potential to make multifold business as compared to Ghajini provided it had stared a super-stars but then not all movies are made for just first week show earnings, I believe.


According to novel, the main character gives up all wishes after losing his love and gets into bad habits. Well that is the Phase II of a guy after facing serious break-up (as told in Season 4 of friends – The One With Joey’s Dirty Day) but not the last. It is only after phase IV when you are up again on your own!!

And beware, this  movie can also motivate you to get into malice of drugs, drinks and devil damsels.


But at one place where I will still criticize Times Of India is that it can give top rating illustrating the evil of Indian gen-x but it never cared about giving top rating to any movie elucidating the glory of angelic Indian youth.


For the actors, Abhay Deol did his natural acting which doesn’t attract everyone so much. Acting by two new-comer actresses was neither natural nor dramatic.

Director cum writer has shown his best by making it an interesting movie. But I have stopped keeping much expectation from directors cum writers for making only good movies after example of Vishal Bharadwaj who wrote cum directed Dus Kahaniyaan and it disappointed. Similarly, this director Anurag Kashyap has been disappointing in past by making self-written movies like No Smoking.

Music is the best in long time containing all the versatility.


So no more interest from me to watch any other movie on evilly side of Indian youth. This was extreme.

Now I will be going only for movie on bright Indian youth though I think one was Rang De Basanti but didn’t see it in action in real life. Still I urge to get more from good directors.


Rating: 8/10



Update: There were scenes which were present in initial draft of Dev.D but were deleted later and movie was released without those scenes. Here are all those scenes which were recovered and posted over youtube


Weapon of Mass Destruction!


25000 for everything!






2 thoughts on “Dev.D – The Generation”

  1. At..”Vishal Bharadwaj who wrote cum directed Dus Kahaniyaan and it disappointed.”
    1) Vishal was one of the 10 writers involved not the sole writer, and hasn’t directed any of the 10 stories.
    2) Rice Plate, Pooranmashi were quite appealing stories..and had a wonderful direction too..

    So I disagree here…strangely though.. 🙂


    1. Nice to see you here, Nitin
      Thank you for reference to Dus Kahaniyaan. Yes I knew which story he wrote there but still I don’t accept that story as realistic one the way he did in Omkara and got liked by mass.
      For more references, I would name movies like Haal-e-Dil or U Me Aur Hum.

      Still I would say, at present Bollywood lacks any one close to perfect director cum writer.

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