Paycheck, Maharathi, That Thing You Do! and The Devil’s Advocate

It was really a good week when I watched all these happening movies. Movies which make you think!


Paycheck tell you that One Man Army isn’t a wrong phrase. You can really be the one doing anything worth $90 million and all that require is dedication. A Sci-fi which this tech-lover liked a lot though story was a little shaky.


Rating: 7/10


Maharathi is an old Paresh Rawal play turned into movie which is about a murder mystery involving best actors of industry as far as I consider – Nasseeruddin, Om Puri and Paresh Rawal. Their acting made it worth watch.


Rating: 7/10


That Thing You Do! is other true musical story produced in west. Man they had music more than anything else in 60s. I swear. And such amazing movies make those times live again in front of our eyes. Tom Hanks is one good guy to make only such nice movies with pretty actors like Tom Everett Scott and Liv Tyler. Well, a recommended (you see that word about a movie, rarely on this blog) one for Jazz lovers.

And yes, it isn’t talented but smart guys who persist.


Rating: 8/10


The Devil’s Advocate – It has been more than six months since I had been thinking of watching this movie after watching Constantine.  And it was worth it to wait so long for a good print. A really good movie on how evil grows on you and you never realize as it utters – Vanity is my favorite sin.


The Devil's Advocate

A masterpiece having Al Pacino and Keanue Reeves.

Rating: 8/10

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