The Reading Habit of Blogs

It changes with the time and incidents happen in your personal life. So happened for me. There was a time when I liked reading every type of rant. I had no interest in going anywhere in this world but to hometown every month. I wanted to spend a balanced and satisfied life. It was going like that. No desires so far.


And then one day, I was made to fly, look around the world, feel the change and was asked to change myself, migrate myself, immigrate myself. I rebelled as well as I was made to do so, by my luck. So I did. And now I don’t like a particular kind of writings, at all, nor do I like those kind of people because now I know what that change means, what those people die for and why they want not to be balanced. So in all cases, I put all those writings in trash which belong to Indians bashing out their experience in foreign.

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