Google going on and off with SearchWiki

Google has come up with new feature for search-mongers called as SearchWiki which lets you rate a search result as well as comment on it, provided you are signed in with your Google account. A wonderful idea at first sight and who wouldn’t like rest of  the world to help for getting better and more relevant search results specially when they are coming up with the commets from other users. I wonder anyone else would have not think about these obvious benefits.


But also I think this initiative from Google can be very dangerous for itself as a search engine when it can be used as a tool against Google. People can malign this search engine with meaningless comments, can try to promote websites of their personal interests and to the extent of spamming the results. Looks like Google hasn’t taken this all in account as no filtering is being done on Search Result comments. It is up to the user to opt for viewing the comments from other users or not but then what use of whole idea of comments for users if they disable comment watch.


Also this feature has been going ON and OFF since it has been launched. Looks like another Beta initiative from Google, to me and I am not going to use it like I did in case of Google Chrome.

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