Eclipse and Axis2

Even after so many years of development there is something even Eclipse can’t help out with and that is – too many unknown errors which Eclipse team keeps trying to figure out. One such recent error that I came across is when you are integrating Apache Axis2 with Eclipse. It reads like –


"Exception occurred while reading or writing file {0}The Axis2 facets cannot be installed since the Axis2 runtime location has not been set.

Please go to the Web Services preference page and set the Axis2 runtime location under Axis2 Preferences."


And comes up even when Axis2 is configured properly. So not a matter of worry for the developer but it is a thing Eclipse messes up internally and you can’t get it right after repeated tries. So what you are supposed to do to get out of this problem? Simplest solution –

Clean install Eclipse, set Axis2 preferences once again to point to a clean fresh Axis2 directory inside Preferences > Web-Services (the way you did with previous one) and there you go. No more problems which proves it was an error which had to do with Eclipse only.


Long way to go for Open Source. Oh yes, why long way because still it demands an out-of-world hardware configuration which can make a PC not just run but fly. Have you got a chance to run Eclipse on a system with 501 MB RAM, even if it was by a mistake? It was just a fantasy that I wanted to happen and when it happened, it turned out to be more like a tragedy than fantasy but then there is one thing common between both – they can never be forgotten!!

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  1. Try to create a new dynamic web project with a simple class with one public method
    (like getInt(Integer value){
    return value;
    } ) and try to create webservice for it. If you got a luck – try to create service from your project.

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