At one time, I had become a typical caffeine addict, the one who couldn’t survive without cups of coffee. Coffee was the primary ingredient to start the day, then keep me moving throughout the day, even when on prowl, talking with friends, feeling thirsty, first thing to prepare in kitchen or just for sake of putting something in stomach. The time when I used to keep record of my addiction to make me remind those days when I get away with this habit completely.




This is the time when I am finding myself to be almost free from caffeine addiction. The time when I can live without coffee for many days. And I don’t need any substitute for keeping me away from coffee (that was my first experience when I gave up tea and cold-drinks by replacing them for coffee thinking that I can avoid my addiction towards drinks). Although breaks are good and coffee used to be synonym for that but for now,a break itself means a lot more than just coffee. I am in self-control. I am happy!


Song: Lamha Lamha (Gangster)

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