My Reply

I replied her,

Your basic goal of being in this world should be to keep everyone happy, to bring smiles whenever possible, be it only once for now.


No matter what kind of job you are doing, how much money you are making, what kind of status you are having, feeling of bringing one smile on someone’s face is priceless and is worthier than anything else. You find that your purpose of living on this planet for one more day is fulfilled.


You should be keep trying and inclined towards your aim because only happy people make this world more beautiful and hence, much better place to be at, giving you the best reason to live for one more day.


Logically it turns out that you are bringing motive for yourself to survive and that is where Law of Conservation of Energy makes sense :MD.


Of course sometimes I myself feel very low and look forward for someone to make me cheer at least once but if that doesn’t happen for long time, I start recalling past joyous moments like

the time when I used to be serious quite often (during grad) and few wonderful tutors always used to keep brightness on their face for me


when my friends used to try hard to make me grin all of sudden


how can I forget all those stupid episodes of my life which I have still been keeping up with.


Even then if I don’t find myself cheerful enough, HE is always there for me to create another episode and there I am, running after Light Rail to catch it and sometimes having beautiful encounters…and other times, I keep expecting ;M).


Alas! had I gotten my camera today and I had posted one of the most beautiful smiles I came across.

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