Modern age Web 2.0 side-effects on love and relations

The modern age side-effect of arrange marriage is that people tend to delete their Orkut/MySpace/Facebook or in general, social profiles as soon as they get engaged or get into a serious relation. I am seeing lot of my friends going off from social networks by deleting their profiles just when they are about to marry or getting into a relation.


Is it because they are afraid of sharing their past? To me, this seems to be the only reason.




How can you trust your life-partner when you don’t even trust her/him to look at your past and that too, just a glimpse of it. Or do they think that the relation is immature enough to understand all the things shared. In my perspective, it is more about matured people than immature relations. So I don’t believe in any mis-understanding caused when two grown-ups are involved. But then…this is what I think. No intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings at all.

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