Trip to Los Angeles: City of Disney

A long weekend in US and what can be better than a long trip to Disneyland and Universal Studio. Thanks to Nits for the idea and we four had this wonderful trip to Los Angeles – birthplace of Mickey Mouse. Went to Disneyland and Universal Studios on different days and had great blast at all the places. We felt like living the dreams. Trip can’t be explained in words when you got to see so many things which you had never imagined. The best experiences at these places were – The fast rides at California Adventure Park including California Screaming and Arabian Nights drama, Space Mountain & Pirates of Caribbean at Disneyland Theme Park and Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride at Universal Studios. For a short note, I can expect to see anything better than that and so was the thinking of guys accompanying.


On return, what can be better than driving from LA to San Jose, swinging on the tunes of songs including singing along-withthe lines of song Ye Dil Deewana sung by lead actor in Pardes who drove over the same road, same time of day! Mobiles are really handy over trips and sometimes they save you from closing the eyes :D.

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