Movies: The Passion

Two months and 50 movies…all the ones I wanted to watch.


Code Name The Cleaner – 4/10 (Sometimes such names of movies can attract the developers more than others)


Barbershop 2 – 4.5/10 (Time-pass)


Dhol – 4/10 (A good actor can also sign a crappy movie)


50 first dates – 8/10 (You can always make difference in lives of people around you – never loose belief in you when others have that for you)


Resident Evil: Extinction – 7/10 (Fiction can be tolerated up to some extent and after that, better you learn to bear with it)


Jane Bhi Do Yaaro – 7.5/10 (Corruption was there even 35 years back and perhaps in worse shape than today. Albert pinto ko gussa kyon aata hai?)


Schindler’s List – 8.5/10 (You can always learn a lot from past so that you don’t commit some mistakes and apply good learning)


Next – 6.5/10 (Luck can favour you but you never know, up to what extent – wiser is he who uses that much in most efficient way)


Johnny Gaddar – 6/10 (Believe in fate)


The Dirty Dozen – 8.5/10 (There exist people in this world who can make anyone disciplined…be it in hard way. I express my utmost respect for such people)


Crank – 4/10 (Crap except the time management)


Kickin It Old Skool – 7/10 (Got remembered few similar happenings of my school life)


Bhool Bhulaiyaa – 6/10 (A movie looked specially made for devotees of upcoming festival with tint of laugh especially when actors like Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav got wasted for nothing)


V For Vendetta – 7/10 (Why do they look out for God in rain or fire when it is always there in air flowing within you. Love was given a new meaning but such story had looked better before love happened actually)


25th hour – 6.5/10 (Bad guys can realize that they can get better but what else? You can’t teach others to run away from law and order…)


Ratatouille – 9/10 (Anyone can cook. Great! Not everyone can become a great artist but a great artist can come from anywhere)


Flushed Away – 6/10 (Another animation of rats about life…worth watched)


Bourne Identity – 7/10 (That’s where it all started and so the truth started unfolding)


Bourne Supremacy – 6/10 (It couldn’t keep up to the expectations arose by its predecessor)


Bourne Ultimatum – 5.5/10 (It is ultimate 3rd in a sequel that I can expect. We share common day – April 15 (1971 / 1983). The only thing I didn’t like is that still people like director hate Indians but want to feature them in their every other flick to get popularity…huh)


Hot Fuzz – 3/10 (Some things better avoided in movies than filling wrong beliefs in brains)


Hostel – 7/10 (Another movie to fill geographical garbage in your mind but whoever watched it, liked it somehow)


Hostel II – 4/10 (Once again sequel effect was visible)


Deep Impact – 5/10 (About space but science was too high to be realised in practicality)


Antz – 4/10 (It was first attempt on good ant animation but nothing else. Same drama stuff as we watch in day to day romantic movies)


Blades Of Glory – 8/10 (I didn’t feel like taking my eyes off from screen as long as movie went on. Too good to watch out when everything in it is meaningful except exaggerated sex stuff)


Bug – 1/10 (Second movie after 15 park avenue which passed over my head because neither it had any meaningful story nor any logic)


Shoot Em Up – 4/10 (Lot of noise in nothing much meaningful except to know that carrots increase eye-sight which can make you a good shooter)


A Cinderella Story – 7/10 (Some fairy tales are supposed to be told in the way they are residing in our minds. For which you can say that Once upon a time… can happen any time and this is the one. Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game)


Dhokha – 4/10 (It is better to know and show all the sides or better to keep them up to you. Those who dare to talk about Kashmir are requested to first spend few months over that place)


Cinderella II and Cinderella III – Left in-between (I started watching both of these but then they didn’t look more appealing than Shrek The Sequel. So I left in between.)


The Last Legion – (I prefer not to rate mythical movies. Loaded with impressive cast. Enjoyed watching it)


Underdog – 5/10 (It isn’t that bad as is told over IMDB)


Jab We Met – 6.5/10 (Jab koi pyar mein hota hai to koi sahi galat nahi hota / When someone is in love, then nothing is right or wrong. If it hadn’t contained those vulgar starting sequence which is linked to specific places, it had done much better. Sometimes first impression happen to be the last impression. Also it made me recall DDLJ at many times specially Punjabi Background which gets too much boring at times in this flick, connection between different locations, family etc etc. I would call it an average movie but of course, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor were at their best ever. I have started liking Imtiaz Ali’s movies anyway)


Shooter – 6/10 (This is the world we live in. Could had been better if other races shown in movie had given equal justice. One more funny movie in that category)


Wedding Crashers – 4/10 (Didn’t like the concept.\)


The Devil Wears Prada – 8.5/10 (There are some things worth living for and free life is the one. So live it to the fullest…as I say, smoke it in your smiles. What a great movie, I watched)


Serendipty – 5/10 (Believe in fate but don’t leave anything over it because it can help sometimes but when it doesn’t, it hurts more than anything else. And some people make whole movie over this subject)


Euro Trip – 4/10 (It is just about a trip with not much wonderful things to know but unexpected things, which Scotty doesn’t know!!)


Malena – 3/10 (Didn’t like it. Woes of wars. But the only one I’ve never forgotten is the one who never asked…)


The Boondock Saints – 3/10 (Just violence)


Mean Girls – 7/10 (Just don’t be plastic)


Life In A…Metro – 5/10 (It was told that these stories speak facts but even if they are true, I didn’t like them and hence the Metro lifestyle. Money makes the sweetest music. It is a race and not a morning walk. Keep balance between your brain and heart. Don’t forget to thank people for everything)


The Pink Panther – 7/10 (A strong dose of laughter. You name the movie and I’ll recall Jacques Clouseau – the Inspector)


Eragon – 5/10 (Not another fairy tale but close to that)


A History of Violence – 8/10 (Past follows)


Open Season – 3/10 (Not up to the expectations from an animated animal movie)


Aeon Flux – 7/10 (I liked this Sci-Fi because this can be possible)


DOA – 4/10 (Too much mechanical)


Om Shanti Om – 4/10 (Just tolerable with colorful blend of Bollywood in 70s and today. Of course, dialogues work in movie but get repeated lot of times – Itni shiddat se maine tumhein paane ki koshish ki hai, ke har zarray ne mujhe tum se milane ki saazish ki hai. Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to poori kaynaat usse tum se milane ki koshish mein lag jati hai. Aap sab ne mujhe meri chahat se milaya. Thank you! Thank you very much! Main aap sab ka shukar guzaar hoon ke aap ne mere khawabon ko yakeen mein badal diya. Itna…itna ki I feel like the king of the world. Aur aaj iss baat ka bhi yakeen ho gaya ke hamari filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi, end mein sab theek ho jata hai…Happies endings…Aur agar…aur agar theek na ho to vo end nahi hai dosto…Picture abhi baki hai…)


Saawariya – 1/10 (We didn’t do to even the worst movie that we ever watched together what we did with Saawariya but me and Chunks walked out of hall after 30 minutes of its premier because we didn’t want to attach flop tag with a director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali. We couldn’t figure out what could have made him to make such a movie other than one reason that it consists of star-sons learning acting skills. It appeared more like an art movie than a commercial one where you get to hear or bear a song whenever a new character is introduced and it is nothing but a fairy tale…It was disappointing)

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