Make your Vista run faster

Even when you are running your OS on the best Hardware, you always keep wishing for applications to run faster. Same is problem with me and I keep trying to get best out of my Vista trying to prove that still HP has to provide better Hardware configuration for its laptops when it is almost the best. I got this link from Amit which is a CNET page on tweaking Vista to get better performance. Some of the tips were already known to me and others were eye opener. Here is small summary to keep getting faster performance from Vista –


  1. Don’t install trialware and if you have decided to do that, don’t keep it for long.
  2. Keep running Disk Cleanup regularly. If you like Hibernate option like me, you better un-check the option to delete hibernation data.
  3. Display settings to speed-up Vista are:
    • Fastest: Use Windows Vista Basic.
    • Faster: Use Windows Aero with transparency turned off.
    • Fast: Use Windows Aero.
    • Slow: Use Windows Standard or Windows Classic.
  4. If you decide to use Aero feature, turn off transparence by going to Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Adjust visual effects > Adjust for best performance.
  5. Turn off the Vista Sidebar which consumes lot of resources.
  6. Regular cleanup of Registry
  7. Use ReadyBoost feature of Vista for speeding up low-memory machine
  8. Use Enable write caching on the disk and Enable advanced performance features for Hard Disk to speed up your HDD performance if yours is a laptop or desktop with uninterrupted power supply
  9. Do regular defragmenting of your system
  10. Keep drivers updated
  11. Run clean registry and clean files procedures regularly every month or two


I really luv you Amit because you always come up with something which I am already looking out for!

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