Pankaj says

…that women can never make to good managers but great colleagues. They can be good household managers but not people managers. They become much egoistic, harsh and self-centered while managing people as if they were always waiting for this.


Disclaimer: Words are represented as is as they came out from sacred source. He keeps quoting good words.


Agree with him that they make to wonderful colleagues at least. No comments about rest, after all, he also means something!!


I should be thanking to all you lovely 105 feed readers and hundreds of visitors who are expecting to hear from me even when I myself is starving to post over here but sometimes some passions take over others and you can’t help that out – loss of having multiple interests :). These days busy in watching lots ‘n’ lots of movies and working like … that even I am putting words from others over this space.


Am praying to resume back soon, with a bang.

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