Code Search Sitemap

This is the latest type of sitemap introduced by Google basically targeted towards the websites hosting the public source code. Google team has termed it as new Sitemap Protocol.

Our latest work with the Google Code Search team now enables you to create Sitemaps that contain information about public source code you host and would like to include in Code Search.

Google code search



In short, Code on your website can now be included into Google Code Search using Code Search Sitemap.


Google Code Blog writes more about this new type –

For complete software packages that are archives (.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, or .zip), you can create a packagemap file to describe all the individual code files in each package.


Code Search sitemap documentation talks about the difference from regular sitemap –

A Code Search Sitemap is just like a regular Sitemap, and is submitted in the same way, but it does include some additional, Code Search-specific information.

The code search sitemap specific tags are –

  • <codesearch:filetype>
  • <codesearch:license>
  • <codesearch:filename>
  • <codesearch:packageurl>
  • <codesearch:packagemap>

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