Strange post

I had been reading posts about switching from one platform to other like from Windows to Mac, Windows to Linux or Linux to Mac etc but it is for first time, I came across a post which is about the consequences of switching from Mac to Linux – one I expected the least. The post is about the things writer is missing after switching from Mac and he has listed 10 of them. They are –


  1. Dashboard
  2. Quicksilver
  3. Adium
  4. Professional Graphics Software
  5. TextMate
  6. Dictionary
  7. Quicktime
  8. Bluetooth Support and Syncing
  9. System-wide spell checking
  10. Smart Trackpad


Let me recall what 5 best that I have been missing about XP while working on Vista…

  1. Start Button – no more start written there
  2. Application Compatibility – still many have to
  3. Up button in Windows Explorer bar
  4. Remote Desktop – Vista doesn’t let you do it to the lower versions of Windows
  5. Disk Space – XP occupies negligible space as compared to Vista

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