To make themselves prove wrong

Here I have come across few blog posts in past from well known online identities who wrote posts, I think, to make themselves prove wrong.


Firstly, I came across post from Amit Aggarwal via Steve Rubel where Amit tries to prove that even after being a persuasive Web 2.0 blog which can work well in deciding fate of newly launched startups, TechCrunch is very much a personal blog. He says,

TechCrunch is no doubt an influential online publication but it’s still very much a personal blog.

Perhaps he was trying to get some heat from Michael in order to get a bit more popular.

I couldn’t understand what Amit considers an ideal blog if he thinks that it is wrong for an influential blog to be personal especially when he himself has been publishing posts like Creative Cake Design for Geek Parties over his blog in past. Does he think that the lesser known CNET and ZDNET blogs are more like an ideal example of that. Then I will say that he doesn’t match with the taste of majority of people who lurk online for interesting tech stuff. He may have not been able to comprehend why bloggers like Scoble and Steve Rubel are so well known than any other corporate blogger.


Secondly, it is Guy Kawasaki calling Bloggers as Weirdos. He says –

“I have a very low opinion of the blogosphere,” Kawasaki said. “I think it is made up of about 250,000 people who are mostly 45-year-old men who live with their mother and have dead cats in their refrigerators.”

I don’t know what was he thinking when he knows that there exist smart bloggers in today’s world who are making money in five figures per month. No more comments.

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