Spaces and Meetings

These were the two issues which ate up more than 75% of my day.


I kept thinking of why I am always late when it is a meeting – am I so much prone to them or is my mentality always supported by my physical condition. I could never figure out the cause but I am late and always running out of time, whenever it is a meeting.


If you are a developer, you better take care of spaces.

One because they are almost invisible to be detected once written down and secondly, they are the most difficult to be figured out as the victim of biggest problem in your wonderful program. You can end up with spaces eating most of your time in debugging.

I made one such mistake today when I was trying to create a Data Source and by mistake or I don’t know why, there was one space appended to the end of name of Data Source and rest of the time, it was me searching out for the problem – funny eh.

And by the time, problem came out, it was time to leave :mgreen:.


…The Coding Horrors for a CP!!!

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