If you love word FREE and haven’t heard of Suprnova, you better pay a visit – the place where you can find more than a million torrents. Recently, I had mentioned about SuprBay forums which are kind of link between Suprnova and big bro – Pirate Bay.


Suprnova has been re-launched by Pirate Bay as promised – reported by TorrentFreak. The new Supernova is said to be the combination of old and new features. It has new improved UI and presently in beta stage.




Here is the message that goes along-with the release as usual (the link between Pirate Bay and music 🙂 ) –


?This is how it works. Whatever you sink, we build back up. Whomever you sue, ten new pirates are recruited. Wherever you go, we are already ahead of you. You are the past and the forgotten, we are the internet and the future.?

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