onXiam is a website about managing your online identities. A place which provides you with the facility to link to all your online identities at one place and display them publicly or keep them private to you.

You can think of onXiam as a network of networks. In a nutshell, onXiam is a site that lets you consolidate all of your online identities and easily tie them back to a single point of reference. Ultimately this will make it easier for you to promote yourself and all of your various online identities by having a quick and easy place to which you can refer people if they want to learn all about your various online presences.

The interface is quit simple bu you have to keep jumping over different pages in order to maintain your identities over one page (I think that’s where we love AJAX). Also, you are restricted to a set of website which you have to choose from drop-down in order to add your online identities. It was good to see Airtel India in the list! You can check my profile page over nitesh@onxiam.


One website similar to it that I knew in ages is claimID. I always wished to another websites in same space but none impressed me. claimID Let us you manage your identities over one single page without the hassle of adding/editing them over different pages and best thing about it is – you can maintain your identities in categories/tags. A website which makes you know where AJAX can go up to when it comes to a sleek interface.


FYI, claimID is also in the onXiam list of websites.

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