FixYa for online Tech Support and Troubleshooting

FixYa is a website which aggregates tech support at one place from all over the Internet – an ideal place to get the fix / solutions for your tech belongings, products and gadgets.


Fixya provides Free tech support and technical help for gadgets, electronic equipment and consumer products. Fixya’s technical experts advise on fixing problems and provide instructions on proper usage of products either by chat or message posting. Fixya stores manuals and troubleshooting guides for over half a million products. Fixya’s tech support community will provide a quick solution for your “how to” problem.

The website serves as a platform where solutions are organized beautifully in different well-maintained sections. On the landing page of website, there are sections about Recent Solutions and Recent Problems. Also the manufacturers of different products are organized in a catalog where you can select a particular brand and drill don to the product you are looking support for. And if you don’t have idea about how to get to a particular product in the hierarchy, you can search for it in the search box at top of page.


There is an expert section where you can get Live help from the tech experts in specific domains – quite helping part of website for online help-seekers. But in order to contact an expert, you will have to register on the website.


I tried searching for product – Nokia 6630 and got quite lot of problems/solutions. Also the tech experts are displayed along-with the search results so that you can contact them directly from there.


FixYa claims to be the largest user to user technical support site for any consumer product. You can also subscribe to the feed for the recent problems posted over website.


And have I told you, FixYa provides all support without any fee (I don’t know if they will be continuing with same approach while coming out of beta). Of course, you would have seen Google Answers and Yahoo! Answers but there information is quite cluttered and just to get answers on one specific problems, you may have to wait for hours whereas on this website, you can get the support instantly from the experts sitting all around the world to help you in real time.

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