Want to move your photos from Yahoo! Photos to Google’s Photo Hosting Service – Picasaweb or to Zooomr but not to Flickr? And also you don’t want to download but host your Yahoo! Photos. I was also concerned about closing of Yahoo! Photos and was looking out for a tool which can help me to move my photos seamlessly to any Web Service and not only to Flickr because somehow I don’t like this service (especially because it doesn’t provide facility to bulk update options like bulk delete or bulk private).


Here is one tool that I found which can help you to move your photos to other popular and upcoming Web Image hosting services like Picasaweb and Zooomr – Migratr. It also lets you to download your photos from Flickr – what else a Flickr user can expect who wants to migrate?


You can read about this tool and initial thoughts about its development on this link.




Well said –

Necessity is the mother of invention


Of course, as developer says, it takes lots of rants before getting actual thing developed!

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