Hahlo twitter interface for your iPhone. It uses your Twitter credentials for logging into your Twitter account and then, you can tweet as usual.



One glitch is that even if you provide wrong login credentials, you are shown like you are already logged into it and also you are allowed to post message although they never make to your twitter account :).




The iPhone wave is catching too fast as it is reported that already 4000 iPhone domains have been registered and another 4000 are expected to be registered by end of year.


The number of IPhone domains skyrocketed on January 11th 2007 when the official announcement came out from Apple. 453 domains with the word ?Iphone? were registered that first day and the explosion of Iphone domain names have been steady since that day.


There are more then four thousand new IPhone domain names floating around now and we expect another four thousand by the end of the year.

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