Apple powering Mercedes Benz

TechCrunch has written about a deal between Mercedes Benz and Apple, referring to news published in a German, according to which Apple will design a piloting system for Mercedes Benz from 2009.


A market which was far not captured by any OS giant and right now, it is open space for Apple, provided Microsoft is still to announce anything like that and for Linux, it is too early to go for serious machines!


Here are the contents of original story (translated into English) –


Apple builds navigation systems


After computers, MP3-Playern and mobile phone the computer manufacturer wants to offer also navigation and sound systems for cars shortly. Mercedes makes the beginning.


After focus information the equipment, which the US computer manufacturer develops at present, is to combine maintenance, communication and navigation in a unit.

Mercedes will exclusively offer the new Apple set for six months. On an introduction on the market presumably 2009 are to be counted. Unclear it is still whether Apple – similar as with iPhone – on Google will trust maps as navigation aid.


It would be interesting to know the after-effects and OS hacking problems with Mercedes after 2009 :roll:!!

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