Types of Remix

There was a time when very few used to like remix songs. Then came the time when prolonged effect of listening to remix songs made people like them and just recently, I noted that there are different types of a remix including Unplugged which I first noticed in movie Namaste London where our own dear to-be-hero Himesh Reshammiya had introduced new kind of remix – Mehfil Mix for song Main Jahan Rahoon and also one Dhol Mix.


Just before that Pak singer, Aslam had brought Energy Mix (Doorie), House Mix (Doorie), Freaky Mix (Ehsaas), Dance Mix (Hum Kis Gaali Ja Rahe Hain), Euro Mix (Kuch Is Tara), Eternal Mix (Mahi Ve), Soul Mix (Mahiya Ve Soniya), Trance Mix (O Re Piya) and Club Mix (Yakeen) in his album Doorie. In fact, there were only 8 songs originally which were turned into magic number – 17.


And in upcoming movie of Himesh Reshammiya (I doubt if someone is really interested in watching him as an actor specially wearing a cap in Aap Kaa Surroor!), there are more types of remix introduced – Dark Mix (Assalam Vaalekum) and Electro Mix (Ya Ali).


So overall, there comes out to be following kind of remix known to me so far –


  1. Remix
  2. Unplugged 
  3. Mehfil Mix 
  4. Dhol Mix
  5. Energy Mix
  6. House Mix
  7. Freaky Mix
  8. Dance Mix
  9. Euro Mix
  10. Eternal Mix
  11. Soul Mix
  12. Trance Mix
  13. Club Mix
  14. Dark Mix
  15. Electro Mix


So you can bring one complete album of your remixed songs along-with original album – pretty cool.

Only God can save the audience of upcoming singers.

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