Zooomr Mark III Launched

Zooomr Mark III has launched – a photo sharing website taken up by people all around the world is in action from today after continued downtime of 12 days and it contains lot of exciting features including unlimited storage.


New Zooomr is localized to different languages, has real-time update feature where you can update your friends about your present status (Twitter way) named Zipline, TV, Geo-Tagged Photos, Groups and lot more which are supposed to be put on Learn More page, which isn’t available right now…the only developer of website is dead busy these days to bring up the website to its full potential. Zooomr is also going to provide a way to commercialize photo sharing – a way to sell your photos online. After going down for couple of times, Zooomr is finally able to handle the big load of users coming from all around the world.


You can donate something as less as $5 to keep up the efforts made by Kristopher Tate to make Zooomr as the website of world which is already being supported by Zoho and Sun.

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