Web 2.0 companies are no more Big dreams

The famous Web 2.0 investor, Guy Kawasaki, has written about his investment strategy in building a successful Web 2.0 company for $12,107.09 – Truemors.


Here are the most liked points –

  1. 0. I wrote 0 business plans for it. The plan is simple: Get a site launched in a few months, see if people like it, and sell ads and sponsorships (or not).
  2. 0. I pitched 0 venture capitalists to fund it.
  3. 7.5. 7.5 weeks went by from the time I registered the domain truemors.com to the site going live.
  4. $4,500. The total software development cost was $4,500.
  5. $4,824.14. The total cost of the legal fees was $4,824.14.
  6. $399. I paid LogoWorks $399 to design the logo.
  7. $1,115.05. I spent $1,115.05 registering domains.
  8. 55. I registered 55 domains (for example, truemors.net, .de, .biz, truemours, etc, etc).
  9. $12,107.09. In total, I spent $12,107.09 to launch Truemors.


You can read post for whole more description and insight.

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 companies are no more Big dreams”

  1. Creating a web 2.0 company was never a big issue. It is just that making a website which kicks and runs successfully needs lots of investment. Marketing and advertisement takes up most of the money. Isn’t that the case ?

  2. Of course this article is about initial investment in a Web 2.0 company.

    It was never hard to get a Web 2.0 app up and running if money hadn’t been the primary concern (because you could had hired best of the world designers and coders if money had no issue) and that’s why, Guy has pointed out most of the money figures in his post. It has become too cheaper to get into Web 2.0 space as comes out from his experience.

    In original post, he has also mentioned how PR get affected from your experience in the field. He already possessed 25 years of experience and hence, also got great coverage.

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