Send digital Photos to Mobile

Much of sending text messages/SMSs to mobiles via web. Here is the latest revolution – Send photographs/images to cell phones using Internet.


Exclaim provides the required functionality through plugin for Internet Explorer. It lets you drag and drop photos to send them to mobile devices.




Pictavision – Take a picture or video, add a voice or text annotation and save it to your camera gallery or any web album – and all in just four simple steps. Use pictures as wallpaper or caller ID, or send them as email or MMS messages to friends or groups using advanced address book functions. Best of all, Pictavision connects to leading consumer photo, video, community and blogging sites including dotPhoto, Webshots, Kodak, Yahoo Flikr, Walgreens and others.


I would utter…Kool!




BTW, if you are thinking of making an application to send SMS through Internet and you know .NET, here is the stuff you need.

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