Three latest Windows Live releases

Microsoft has released three new betas of its products which are –

  • Windows Live Messenger 8.5
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Writer



Windows Live Messenger 8.5 was available unofficially before its release but other twos were equally awaited.


These there are powerful desktop applications which still hold promise of keeping things to the Desktop than letting them move online specially when only GTalk is the one available online along-with the mail functionality, Infinite email storage is still a dream and there is no better (plus free) Blogging editor online or offline than Live Writer. Here are few new features in latest release of Live Writer –

  • Glassy Interface
  • Inline spell checking
  • Table editing (it was missed a lot in previous version)
  • Ability to add categories
  • Integration with Windows Live Gallery
  • Support for 6 languages
  • Improved hyperlinking and image insertion
  • Improved accessibility and keyboard support
  • Paste Special (Windows patent :))

 And finally they have changed Ignore button in Spell Check to Ignore All which used to create lot of confusion, earlier but still they haven’t added support for arranging categories hierarchically.



So still, we have facility to remain offline and still be prepared and connected to go online. Happy Live experience 🙂

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