Work and Matrix

A conversation over-heard and contributed to – 

Work is like Matrix. If you free your mind, you can develop anything in matter of hours and if you become part of it, you never realize, what have you missed and you are just another target of system which is gonna sup you.


Everything you work on, is The Matrix, as far as you think that you are occupied.

There are so many beautiful things in this wonderful world which you miss just because you are supposed to overlook them. People have been reviewing what not but everything in this world having tag called technology but they never ever thought of reviewing the beauty of nature around them. Such people are not Geeks but they are boring as Richard Moron says


The person who spends all of his or her time is not hard-working; he or she is boring.


And there are big uncles who are motivating them to be better in that way…huh.

Some people need to be shown those beautiful colors when they are looking out for more links.

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