Weirdest Question

One of the weirdest question that I could ever had asked was – “Has Sid been married?” and it made everyone burst into laughs.


Siddharth Gupta, my ex-colleague had thrown party after his recent wedding and instead of asking as if it is his wedding party, I could utter this meaningless question in hurry and I found everyone laughing around. Well, everyone commits mistakes and I am no exception :D.


Wish you a Very Happy Married Life, Sid


He is a guy who was famous for two things which never turned-off while in his hands/reach – Cigarette and Mobile. Sid, Cigarette and Mobile – an unbreakable bond which used to be joined by a glass many times. The Royal Guy!


Hey Sid, I am missing your photograph, buddy.


There are 2 more friends getting married within this year. Why people accept defeat so easily or do they want to achieve new triumphs – no one of them could answer this question. All I got, were smiles :M).

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