Do you need Resume

Do you really think that you need to produce your resume for getting a job. Don’t you think that if someone is asking out for your resume to recruit you, he is overlooking your skills and want to know about you from a small piece of paper where everything is summarized.


I came across this comment (yup, Sometimes, I go that deep in comments) over one of the random jumps which went like –


He (recruiter) then tried to shoe-horn me into a product manager role, before asking me to send him my CV. I laughed. I haven’t given out a CV for at least seven years, and I’m not about to start now. If they want me for the skills and knowledge I have, then that’s one thing. If they just want a bum on a seat, I’m not interested.


I also feel like same. Why wouldn’t the one who wants to hire you, like to hear about you from yourself than looking at your resume? That is just one question. Why your resume is supposed to represent you than you yourself? Aren’t you capable of recalling your past achievements or prove your skills or what?


Just like the way I used to think about certification exams that they are for handicapped people who aren’t confident about their technical skills, in my view, you bring your resume in front of you when you are not confident about your inter-personal & communication skills.


The whole story which I visited is about Google’s funny recruitment process where people are asked weird questions, they are made to wait anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months in order to hear something from recruiter. Although there have been lot of funny instances which we have been hearing about in past but this one is about criticizing their process by proving that selection process of Google is boring and quite old-fashioned.

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